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About is the most comprehensive online resource for up-to-date wine price information, with over 400,000 prices from the last eight years and over 1 million US wine retail prices. empowers wine enthusiasts and collectors in support of their wine purchasing and selling decisions.

What auction price data is provided?

Prices reflect the per bottle price realized (in U.S. dollars) of a uniform lot of wine (same wine, vintage, and size) inclusive of the relevant buyer's premium for the auction house and location at the time but exclusive of sales taxes or VAT.

Sales in currencies other than U.S. dollars are converted to U.S. dollars as of the date of the sale.

Excluded Auction Items

  • Prices realized for mixed lots (with different wines, vintages, or bottle sizes) are not provided, as apportioning the lot price may not be done accurately.
  • Wines selling below $20 per bottle are deleted.

Average Auction Prices: Methodology for Calculating

Average auction prices displayed within the site are based on actual auction results (inclusive of buyer's premiums) of 750ml bottle sizes only. As auction prices fluctuate from auction to auction and some wines have limited auction activity, the average auction price is updated twice a month and derived from a proprietary algorithm based on the following principles:

  • Recent results are more representative of current values than older results and are therefore weighted more heavily.
  • To ensure a representative value, a minimum number of auction results is used when available, which may sometimes require using older results.
  • In the event that the minimum number of results is unavailable, the estimated value may be based on as few as one auction or auction results up to eight years old.

The only place where this algorithm is not applied is in the "Annual average" column within the annual summary table of the Auction History Data section for a given wine (including for bottle sizes other than 750ml). The "Annual average" is simply a straight average of the per bottle prices of a given size achieved from all lots sold during a given calendar year (or a year-to-date average for the current calendar year, updated daily for the current year).

Source of Auction Price Data

Auction data is from Vinfolio's Wine Price File database, which is also used within Vinfolio's wine store and VinCellar online cellar management application. Historically, Vinfolio also printed the Wine Price File but decided to cease printing in January 2008 in favor of an online-only focus.

Auction results are obtained from the following auction houses and locations, which together represent the vast majority of the fine wine auction market:

  • Acker, Merrill & Condit: New York, Hong Kong
  • Christies: New York, London, Los Angeles, Paris, Amsterdam, Bordeaux, Chicago, Hong Kong, Germany, Geneva, South Kensington, Glasgow
  • Sothebys: New York, London, Hong Kong
  • Zachys: New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Hong Kong
  • Bonhams: London, Hong Kong
  • Bonhams & Butterfields: San Francisco
  • Morrells: New York
  • Hart, Davis, Hart: Chicago
  • Edward Roberts International: Chicago, San Francisco
  • Bloomsbury/Sokolin: New York
  • WineGavel: San Francisco
  • Spectrum Wine Auctions: Dana Point, Los Angeles

Average Retail Prices: Methodology for Calculating

Average retail prices are based on U.S.-only retail pricing for 750ml bottles derived using a proprietary algorithm (currently updated twice/month) based on the following principles:

  • Recent prices are more representative of current prices than older ones.
  • To ensure a representative price, a minimum number of retail prices is used, although in no event are prices used that are older than 12 months.
  • In the event that the minimum number of prices within the past 12 months is unavailable,the estimated price may be based on as few as one retail price. If no retail prices are available within the past 12 months, then no retail average price will be estimated.